TPS, LLC personnel possess extensive in-house Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design expertise provided by highly qualified personnel, coupled with the same depth of experience and expertise in construction inspection experience that is a critical factor in ensuring the success of the proposed project(s).   Our Engineering team possesses an impressive amount of cumulative relevant mechanical and electrical design knowledge and expertise supporting. TPS, LLC design experience includes a full spectrum of simple to complex HVAC Mechanical System designs, Electrical, UPS, Switchgear and associated controls.


We provided deliverables in our deigns to included Load Calculations calculated with programs (Trane Trace, HAP, etc.) as well as hand calculations adhering to ASHRAE Standards, Tracer, equipment selection and final drawings as required depending on our contract.




TPS, LLC provides superior HVAC and Associated Direct Digital Controls Commissioning and Re-Commissioning services when compared to both small and large businesses providing similar services. This is the result of exceptionally large and uncommon amount of cumulative years experience associated with our staff.



We have continuously successfully executed and provided all aspects of the submittals and work activities associated with the requirements and services of current Commissioning Programs required by LEED and the Green Building Counsel, as well as industry norms such as NEBB, ASHRAE, AABC and SMACNA. More significantly, all have played a partnering role in the evolution of these standards through the last 15 to 20 years.

Our staff participated in the development of protocol that was and continues to be used for in-house commissioning services with NAVFAC Atlantic. The submittal and work activities program is also currently used by other branches of the Department of Defense community. Our personnel possess the knowledge and experience of what consistently are unresolved issues in achieving the successful set-up and operation of the HVAC system in a new facility. With this knowledge and experience in our design group our Constructability Review and Value Engineering services are superior to those typically offered. We know what works, what doesn’t and what features can be provided in a design using an alternate means/equipment for a fraction of the cost.

While having this advantageous historical knowledge and experience in HVAC and Electrical Systems Commissioning all of our personnel maintain current certifications.




Given the demand for new facilities to achieve, at a minimum, LEED Siler Certification TPS, LLC retains on staff LEED AP Certified professionals to ensure that the required qualifications are present for adherence to the documentation process.  Similarly, TPS, LLC maintains Professional Engineers in-house qualifications necessary for Green Globes Certifications.  TPS, LLC conducted the Quality Assurance (QA) testing; HVAC and Controls Commissioning for the first LEED Silver Certified Building in Europe (Barracks Complex, Camp Ederle, Vicenzia, Italy) and one of the first Federal Hangars certified as LEED Silver (P-526; Norfolk Naval Base, VA).




RCx services for Bldg. 316, Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA; Contract Number: EP2101802 awarded by the Commonwealth of Virginia-Department of Military Affairs


RCx Services for Bldg. 661 and Bldg. 650 JBLE-Fort Eustis, VA; Sub Contract Number: BAS-0327-04 for Johnson Controls


CxA for HVAC/Controls Commissioning on Contract Number: N62472-01-D-0077; Task Order 0003; P-526 Maintenance Hangar and AMCM Facility, Naval Station Norfolk, VA (Achieved LEED Silver Certification).


HVAC/Controls Commissioning Services; Barracks Complex; Camp Ederle, Vicenzia, Italy (LEED Silver Certification).


HVAC/Controls Commissioning Services; Contract Number: N33191-00-C-0225; K-12 Dependent School, Aviano Air Base, Italy.


HVAC/Controls Commissioning Services; Contract Number: N62470-02-D-2004 Task Order 0001; Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Renovation-Building U-16; Naval Station Norfolk, VA.


Mechanical Design; Maintenance Facility Cheatham Annex, Williamsburg, VA. 


Mechanical Design; HVAC Replacement at A.A.L. Headquarters, Virginia Beach, VA. 

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